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D&M Homestyling started in 2010 with the opening of the start-up Flo Créat'Home. It is the launch of a unique approach that reflects my values in interior design, an activity that I have always loved practicing.

I want to step out of a classic system to overcome its flaws. Little by little, an innovative concept took shape and gave birth to the D&M Homestyling’s identity.

The challenge is to (re)position people at the heart of their project, differentiating the value of the individual from that of money, through a transparent service, bringing a better quality of life. With my professional experience as a base, supplemented by the 2.0 assets of the current world, I am called a "decorator of humanistic spaces".



Homestyling is the method of designing spaces allowing the harmonisation of spaces to their occupants. A respectful approach which considers all elements to promote one’s well-being.

This recipe, inspired by an intense personal journey, establishes new codes in the world of decoration, going to the essence by listening attentively and consciously. Sometimes, for things to make sense, you have to go against the flow. Here we start from what happens inside to naturally compose the outside. Knowledge being the only thing that increases when you share it, I chose to reveal my expertise through writing, conferences, coaching and training.


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A fundamental human need is to have a revitalising home.
Feeling good at home and in one's environment is vital to happiness.
The principles of Homestyling are accessible by different services:
Personalised consultative case studies, workshops, training, blog, e-books and consultancy.
Harmonising your interior naturally promotes your personal development.



partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaire D&M homestyling


partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaire D&M homestyling
partenaie D&M homestyling